The Men Who Rule the World

All right, it’s not every day I link to a blog promoting conspiracy theories, but this one has a Canadian angle — and some connection to reality.

There has been a plethora of articles in recent months about the close ties between Goldman Sachs and the past and current presidential administrations, AIG, etc. And it’s undoubtedly true that Goldman Sachs alumni are in positions of power all over the place –such as, for one, the Bank of Canada with its oddly clueless Governor Mark Carney.

Recently, Goldman Sachs has been accused of goosing the price of oil, leading to the surge in the price per barrel to US$147 July 2008.

So there are lots of stories about Goldman Sachs floating out there, and one blogger launched what amounts to an agglomeration of them on his blog, Goldman Sachs Info, Comments, Opinions and Facts. That was at the end of March; GS is already pursuing legal action. Now, I don’t share the author’s contention that GS is “evil” — just like I didn’t buy the premise of the documentary The Corporation, either, that corporations are psychopathic. But I do see value in bringing together the many threads of information on the power that Goldman Sachs wields, because it’s noteworthy in and of itself.