Bruce gets his rocket launcher

This amuses me greatly:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Bruce Cockburn got his rocket launcher – briefly, in Afghanistan.

The singer-songwriter was among a group of entertainers visiting Canadian troops serving in the war-torn country.

He drew wild applause when he sang one of his hits, “If I Had a Rocket Launcher,” which prompted the commander of Task Force Kandahar, Gen. Jonathan Vance, to very temporarily present him with one.

“I was kind of hoping he would let me keep it. Can you see Canada Customs? I don’t think so,” Cockburn said, laughing.


As for the rocket launcher, it wasn’t the first time Cockburn was presented with one.

He said he was approached by a fan, in a Washington state parking lot several years ago, who opened his trunk and wanted to give him three rocket launchers.

“It just smelled like entrapment but I just said, `We’re crossing the border and I don’t think Canada Customs would approve’.”