Better ways?

So apparently every bright idea about transit anybody has had in Central Ontario for the last 50 years is now public policy, from running GO trains on the midtown CPR tracks to an LRT down Pape (or is it Greenwood?) to reviving the Radial Line in Hamilton, for a total of 52 proposals. Contingent on a lot of money from the feds, or course.

Lots of discussion here.

Do we believe in any of this?

Some random points:

– I prefer the GO link to Pearson in this proposal to Blue22 – it seems like a thriftier use of scarce resources.

– The Science Centre becomes a major transit node, as the Don Mills and Eg LRTs cross the crosstown GO line.

– I’m looking forward to seeing how they plan to run rapid transit up the escarpment in Hamilton. Funicular-style systems have been used in the past. Space in the various cuts in Hamilton is limited – you can’t just blast out more roadway at this point. I guess it could run in traffic, TTC-style.