Just thought you would like to know…

Below is an actual excerpt from an actual email that I (and many, many others at my firm) got from our “help” desk people recently.  I *almost* feel sorry for them thinking of the scores of irate messages they must have received from partners with well-developed senses of entitlement…

It’s very hard to believe, but presumably the people who wrote this assumed the recipients would be gratified to be supplied with a couple of further datapoints, and were completely oblivious to the fact this would be read by human beings.



If you are a direct recipient of this message, we have determined that, in accordance with the Firm’s 2-year policy on BlackBerry upgrades, you are not yet eligible to upgrade your BlackBerry device to a newer model. 

We will inform you by email when you do become eligible.  Also, while your actual eligibility date will eventually be accessible on the Movero website, you can check the date proactively at this time by clicking the following link and entering your five digit user number: Blackberry Upgrade Eligibility Date.

If you are unable to check your eligibility date for any reason, or if you perceive a problem with the date that is provided, please contact Movero and they will escalate the issue appropriately.  

Please note that the range of new devices coming online is growing continuously, and that a future upgrade eligibility date may allow you to take advantage of even greater functionality.