Probably apocryphal but…

…highly entertaining:
Two guys get arrested for creating a public disturbance. Apparently they had planned to rob a grocery store – one of the big chains. The “mastermind” of the two told his flunkie friend to distract the manager by pretending to apply for a job at the store. The flunkie does so, while the mastermind begins stealing stuff. The manager, harrassed and shortstaffed, offers the flunkie a job on the spot. The flunkie, surprised but pleased, accepts. Eventually the mastermind finds him stocking shelves in aisle 4. He says “great job, man, let’s split.” But the flunkie doesn’t want to go. He explains that this is his first ever job and he wants to keep it. The mastermind explains this was not in the original plan. The flunkie explains that the mastermind can go shove it.

The police are called to break up a fistfight in aisle 4.