I was thinking of getting a new computer before Christmas, but my union sent out a prepare-for-battle memo warning us to postpone major purchases, which on reflection seemed like a good idea. Now that I know that I’m getting paid next Thursday, and not by the Communication, Energy and Paperworkers at the union office,  that plan’s on the front burner again.

I’m thinking:

  • Desktop
  • PC. I have a mini-Mac, mostly for video production, and they’ll have to share keyboard, mouse and screen.
  • Easy to buy. Dell has various sins, which I’m aware of, but they do offer the convenience of online ordering.
  • I don’t need extra processing capacity for gaming, but I might need it for something else – my current computer chokes when I’m running Photoshop along with a couple of other programs.
  • Budget, for the sake of argument, somewhere between $1K-$1500.
  • What about this thing, just to get the ball rolling?