Better to buy your Prozac from Finland

McAfee looked (PDF) at which top-level Internet domains (TLDs) are most likely to contain sites that are “dangerous” in one way or another — viruses, fraud, etc.

To anyone who administers email spam filters or web servers, it will come as no surprise that .hk (Hong Kong), .cn (China), .info, .ro (Romania) and .ru (Russia) TLDs were the worst offenders; .gov, .fi (Finland) and .no (Norway) the least dangerous*. Canada’s .ca came in at a respectable 0.64%; .us was in the top 20 with 2.09%, about on par with Iran, Spain and Tonga.

But mostly I am posting about this to share this quote:

“My advice about surfing behavior is that if you’re really desperate for cheap Prozac and the pharmacy ends in ‘.cn,’ don’t do it. Just don’t do it,” Keats said. “Find another place to get your Prozac.”

*: all the news coverage I’ve seen says the least dangerous country code TLDs are jp (Japan) and .au (Australia), but that’s careless reporting — they are the least dangerous in the “Asia” table, but not overall.