30-something: the cruellest age

Q. What’s the worst age to be?

A. Mine, which in one week sees me both condescended to by a friend’s boyfriend’s late-40s/early-50s friends:

“Nancy Pelosi — oh, she’s the…” “I know who Nancy Pelosi is, thanks.”

Senior advisor? What do [could] you [possibly] give advice on?”

“Back when I went to McGill — a long time ago, you weren’t even born.” “Actually, I was in grade 6.”

…and complimented by a shoe store sales clerk on my choice of shoes:

“They’re very comfortable. My mother has exactly the same pair and she loves them.”

“Are you telling me I’m buying shoes your mother would wear?” Young clerk giggles, looks my not-so-trendy, not-so-tiny person up and down:

“My mother’s really young.”