The Right School — called Jackman

I hope Toronto Life didn’t pay full freight to Philip Preville, whose cover story “PS, I Love You” (not yet posted online) adorns the magazine’s September “The Right School” issue. Here’s how the story is billed:

A handful of schools drive parents into a frenzy of status lust — and they’ll do anything to get their kids in. How Toronto developed a two-tier public education system.

And here’s what the story actually contains:

A few anecdotes about parents intent on, if not exactly desperate to, get their children into Jackman school, padded by a few fawning paragraphs about the quality of the donated items at the school’s silent auction. (Preville clearly doesn’t get out to many charity fundraisers.) I guess collecting some horror stories while shopping along the Danforth — Preville lives in Riverdale, according to his late, unlamented blog on — was easier than branching out to another neighbourhood or digging into whether all other less-demanded schools are inferior. It might have been interesting to look at whether this was a new or old phenomenon, or compare the situation here to other cities, or, you know, do something beyond polish up some rumours overheard at the Big Carrot.