A blogger bites back

I was going to post something else from Willem Buiter’s excellent Maverecon blog at FT.com — his thoughts on why Britain may face a currency crisis and a sovereign debt crisis, in addition to the calamitous economic situation it is already in. But then I came across this, which I enjoyed more. Buiter explains that he has no intention of making his often-wonkish blog any pithier:

I started this blog quite independently, at http://maverecon.blogspot.com/. I was invited by the Financial Times to move my blog to their site. Because of the likelihood of greater vanity/ego rents and the possibility of more frequent intelligent feedback through wider readership, I accepted this invitation. When the FT lose interest, I will go private again. I don’t get paid for this blog.

So no, my blogs will not get shorter, snappier, less demanding, less abstruse, complicated and confusing. My blog postings are and will be excessively lengthy, long-winded, demanding, abstruse, complicated and confusing where the problems are complicated and confusing. I make no concessions to my readers. Why should I? The readers I lose or miss as a result of writing the way I do are the readers I don’t want in the first place. They can always go to the National Enquirer, Bild or the News of the World.

PS Some people say I’m arrogant. No idea where they get that notion.