End of year mindless headline extravaganza, day 2

Another helpful headline:

TSX expected to reopen after stall

Was there any question about that? Gigantic Hound’s recommendation of a year-long prorogation of the market aside, the TSX isn’t really designed to stay shut.

Here, by contrast, is an informative headline on the same topic:

TSX to resume trading Thursday

And for bonus points on the same subject, which of these statements would you recommend a TMX official make to restore confidence in the exchange after a full-day shutdown on one of the last trading days of a volatile year. Would it be:

a. “Obviously, we regret that this occurred. We hope people understand that this is very complex technology, and despite our best efforts you’re not going to be able to maintain 100-per-cent availability.”


b. “We understand that our clients rely on us to carry out their business and we deeply regret that today they weren’t able to do that. We have been working hard to find the source of the problem and will review what happened to ensure this situation does not recur.”

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