Aglianico redux redux

The Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva 2004 I briefly raved about earlier was released at Vintages on May 2, and is still widely available throughout Toronto Central (though not at Manulife, apparently). We uncorked a bottle at dinner last night and — perhaps predictably — we gave it a rave review. It’s a rich dark tannic (and somewhat alcoholic) red, which needs a while to open up (give it at least half an hour in a decanter). It has a nose of  baked mincemeat, plums, oak, toast, and a hint of organicity to keep it interesting — maybe black olive. Med+ body, tannins, and acid; good balance and avg+ finish. It’s a good group dinner wine — ideal for smoked meats, charcuterie or rich meat dishes. It was perhaps a bit more than was needed for our tomato-prosciutto-(optional) porcini pasta but frankly I am not complaining.

It’s also pretty impressive after being pumped and left for a day in the fridge — similar mincemeat and plum profile once it warms up, just missing a bit of complexity.

It’s a bit pricey both cash and alcohol-wise at $17.95 and 13.5%. But still a great deal for a red under $20.