Twitter and the Tamils

As the Tamil blockade of the Gardiner continued on Sunday night, Twitterers reacted to Bill Blair’s warning that the expressway could possibly still be closed the following morning. For a good approximation of the dominant fear-mongering, largely xenophobic tone of messages posted, see Christie Blatchford in today’s Globe. Here’s a lazier example:

No kidding. I’m not surprised. We’d all like to see peace in SL, but I’m afraid this group is losing support fast in T.O.10:17 PM May 10th from Tweetie in reply to XXX

I particularly like the insouciance of “We’d all like to see peace in SL”, as if a. the Twitterer would give it a moment’s thought if continued Tamil protests hadn’t brought the issue to a place of prominence in media coverage and b. it’s just another nice-to-have that we’ve all, at some time, vaguely daydreamed about (presumably taking place somewhere far, far from any Toronto-area thoroughfare).