The infantilization of childhood

On the radio the other day, a CBC host gamely ad-libbed in an interview about the catastrophe in Japan, asking the interviewee’s children, in Japan, were coping: “What about the seven-year-old? At seven, children are aware of some things.” “Some things?” A seven-year-old is hardly just learning to focus his or her eyes. At seven,continue reading

Baby, meet bathwater

At first glance this makes a good deal of sense: Bill would protect kids from drug endangerment The bill would make it a separate offence to “drug endanger” a child. It would establish drug-endangered children as a category in need of protection. It would also add drug endangerment as a form of child abuse undercontinue reading

Blame the victim (again and again)

Even when the circumstances in pedestrian deaths clearly point to driver error, Toronto police don’t hesitate to point the finger at the person who wasn’t behind the wheel of the vehicle: Sgt. Tim Burrows said the victim was crossing slightly west of the crosswalk at the intersection. “It’s difficult to determine who is at fault,”continue reading

Interesting example

Another day, another woe-is-Gen Y story. In all seriousness, Canada’s poor mechanisms of getting new graduates into the workforce are an ongoing problem. But this latest story on the front page of the Report on Business isn’t particularly compelling: Elizabeth Adams, 24, knows all about timing. She recently graduated with a fine arts degree andcontinue reading

Ernie and Bert were always pretty racy

Infamous subway-riding 9-year-old’s mother Lenore Skenazy details her questionable viewing habits: We got the DVD set of Sesame Street from the early years. It shows kids just having fun in groups, playing on a vacant lot, playing on the playground and playing follow the leader. Before any of this is shown to you, there’s acontinue reading

Eight years on

This is how I felt that day: like something might come swooping down out of the sky at any time, that no place was safe, not the streets I walked along in my new high heels (heading out of the financial district: the streetcars were jammed, traffic at a standstill). When I walked along Bloorcontinue reading