Get me rewrite!

Did the 80 layoffs at the Globe include all the copy editors? From Joanne Kates’ review of Globe Bistro this morning: Despite evidence to the contrary, some people are afraid of eating pork. Come again?

Boy takes bus, story at 11

Whose nephew is little Gabriel Blake, the four-year-old who is the focus of an inexplicable top-of-page article in the Saturday Globe? There must be some reason so many words are dedicated to the story of a little boy who went missing for a total of — count ’em — two hours. Not to ruin thecontinue reading

I love Toronto, pt. 4835

I love this. After 48 hours of constant Tamil protests, in this TPS release we still have carefully neutral language, gentle concern for safety, “the co-operation of most of the protestors”, and a metaphorical shrugging of shoulders about the inevitable traffic tie-ups. I didn’t check this morning to see if anyone was petting the horses,continue reading

Beyond the single Pale

I can only imagine what Richard Florida thinks single life consists of, given that the top two Canadian cities he considers best for us to live in are 1. Calgary and 2. — wait for it — Iqaluit. That’s right, Iqaluit, population 7,250. That’s not a city, that’s CityPlace. I could barely make it throughcontinue reading

Cellphones vs. Trucks

A question I’m pulling out of a comment on another post, from Return of the Bees: — Here’s the Highway Traffic Act: Pedestrian right of way (28) Every pedestrian who lawfully enters a roadway in order to cross may continue the crossing as quickly as reasonably possible despite a change in the indication he orcontinue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On a train during a family vacation a few years back, with the carriage filled almost entirely by my large, chatty, argumentative, politically-charged American Irish Catholic family, my aunt-by-marriage explained to another by-marriage relative that it had taken her years to adjust to our style of conversation, which, according to her, consisted of endlessly assertingcontinue reading