Ben Kerr

This is old news but I just re-discovered it while cleaning out my RSS — Ben Kerr gets a laneway: On Sunday May 25, at 1 pm, the City of Toronto and the Chatham West Residents’ Association will name a local laneway that runs parallel to Danforth and Chatham, east of Jones Avenue. Kerr livedcontinue reading

Lawgeeks in Ottawa

We are safely moved into Ottawa, a pleasant 600 sq. ft. in a nice neighborhood. Air conditioning would be very nice about now though. We have most of our pictures on the wall and Sympatico has vouchsafed us an Internet connection so it is starting to feel like home. Work started last Tuesday, met mycontinue reading

I survived Vegas

Went to Vegas with my family and Randy for my mom’s 60th. They liked Cirque du Soleil and the short flight to the Grand Canyon was actually fun.

Percy Saltzman web site

I didn’t immediately make the connection, but here is Rob’s step-father’s web site. Rob and Cath are mentioned on the biography page. An interesting life.