The sushi Nazis are coming!

This is so silly. I am going to go over there and complain about their sad excuse for kimchi! Mr. Hashimoto explains that, in true Japanese cooking, the rice has to come from Japan. “It makes a difference,” he says. “There, people can eat the rice by itself because it’s so much more flavourfulcontinue reading

I survived Vegas

Went to Vegas with my family and Randy for my mom’s 60th. They liked Cirque du Soleil and the short flight to the Grand Canyon was actually fun.

Parlez-vous canadien?

A little cross-Canada phrasebook My favourite is “eltswhere” for “elsewhere”. If someone were to ask me whether I pronounced it with a t, I probably would have denied it, but actually, it feels natural in the mouth. How do you say it?

Introducing the CrustaStun (it’s humane) and then it is shucked by pressure: And there’s none of the waste, shrinkage, and mortality loss (you meaning killing?) that come with using live lobsters.

Broiling in Cupertino

Wow, it has been so cold here this winter (10 C) but today, it hit 20! The plums are blooming. I was going to compose a dis’ haiku but thought that that would be cruel.