The grinch that stole Labour Day

“No more long weekend blitzes, no flavour-of-the-day enforcement, no more humorous stories about those who compromise public safety. Rather, every day, 24-7, OPP officers will be deployed in an all-out effort to put an end to the senseless carnage,” Fantino wrote. Full story here. The good news is that I don’t think Julian Fantino’s attemptcontinue reading

Aggravated stupidity

One of the really interesting questions in criminal law (to me, at least) is whether there is a point at which negligence crosses the line from ordinary negligence leading to civil liability to something that ought to attract criminal sanctions–and if so, what crosses the line and why. Consider these transcript excerpts from the Sacramentocontinue reading

And in other news…

The Guardian has a fascinating article with an update on the state of the Sunni insurgency in Baghdad. Seems like they’ve woken up to the possibility that as a minority, triggering a civil war might not be the best strategy. Rather too late, it appears.

Another reason to hate the Beaches

I had reserved judgement on those objectors to the new “Out of the Cold” program in the Beaches until the community meeting had happened. Well, now it has, and I am just amazed by the ignorance and fear of the residents who still object to the very modest 12-person program suggested. (And I’ll stick tocontinue reading