Torontoist’s TTC Survey

Thought the TTC survey was a bit skimpy? You might like this one better. I know I did! Edit: link fixed. Now how did that get there? Sheesh…

In the “silver lining” category…

Well, at least we were home at the time.  Friday morning we were procrastinating over breakfast & the newspaper when there was a crashing noise from downstairs followed by the sound of water rushing through the pipes.  We ran to the basement to see water gushing through one of the potlight fixtures in the basementcontinue reading

High Dials

Definitely my favorite music discovery for 2006 (though the album came out in 2005) was “War of the Wakening Phantoms” by Montreal indie group the High Dials.  I often listen to new finds somewhat obsessively for a while and then burn out on their sound and can’t enjoy them as much any more.  This album’scontinue reading

Spacing Magazine

Possibly old news to some of the better informed members of the blog, but I only heard about Spacing yesterday.  Who knew that Toronto was big enough to support a magazine just about the use of public space in the city?  I will have to search out a copy.

Wanted: good photo-management web site software

Having returned from vacation with a ginormous collection of beautiful photographs, I’m once again confronted by the out-of-date complex nonsense that is the photo album software on my web site, “powered by Slooze”.  (The name kinda says it all.)  The effort required to tag and resize my images, upload them to the site, and loadcontinue reading

Bev Oda doesn’t have any friends at Boing Boing

Our Heritage Minister Bev Oda’s press on Boing Boing keeps getting worse and worse, with Torontonian Cory Doctorow’s latest post continuing the trend. The Canadian Recording Industry Association, which embarrassingly now only represents American companies, is facing off against, well, pretty much everyone else: recording artists, Canadian record companies, composers, the Bare Naked Ladies, Michaelcontinue reading

And in other news…

The Guardian has a fascinating article with an update on the state of the Sunni insurgency in Baghdad. Seems like they’ve woken up to the possibility that as a minority, triggering a civil war might not be the best strategy. Rather too late, it appears.

Soon-to-be invisible blogger

Blizzard Entertainment is releasing their first expansion to World of Warcraft, titled The Burning Crusade… well, later tonight. Been nice knowing you!