Baby, meet bathwater

At first glance this makes a good deal of sense: Bill would protect kids from drug endangerment The bill would make it a separate offence to “drug endanger” a child. It would establish drug-endangered children as a category in need of protection. It would also add drug endangerment as a form of child abuse undercontinue reading

Authenticity watch: the child-like child

A proud parent of a four-year-old, from a nauseating story about parents who tweet as their preschoolers: “Roan’s all about superheroes and Scooby Doo and running around in his jammies. He’s still maintaining his child-like innocence so it’s fun to portray that sometimes.”

A is for Aisle

A good new kids’ album for those interested who haven’t run across it – Snacktime by Barenaked Ladies.  Tested on a recent long car trip with success.  Worth getting just for the alphabet song, which starts with “A is for Aisle” and goes downhill from there.  The kids may not get it but they’ll want tocontinue reading

Anti-doping: the comic

Courtesy of UNESCO: Since Monday 4 August, visitors can find, every week, the latest instalment of an adventure featuring Rattus Holmes and Felis Watson, detective heroes of a comic strip against doping in sport, published by UNESCO in partnership with EDGE G3 Ltd. Entitled “The Case of the Spoilsports”, this comic strip (in English, Spanishcontinue reading

best typo ever

This *almost* makes you wonder whether it was planted by a disgruntled soon-to-be-ex-employee… Spotted on the title page of an (otherwise perfectly good) kids’ book in the Corgi Pups series: “Series Reading Consultant: Prue Goodwin, Lecturer in Literacy and Children’s Books, Univeristy of Reading”

Forget about toppled toddlers

…it’s their parents we should be worried about: The young man had been wheeled into Najma Ahmed’s emergency room with a bloody, penetrating wound to the chest. Whatever was inside had pierced his left lung dangerously close to the heart. His sternum was also fractured. “It looked like a bullet wound,” said Dr. Ahmed, assistantcontinue reading