Prosciutto and Porcini tomato pasta sauce

This is a variation on a basic tomato-based pan sauce. Serves 3-4 over pasta of your choice.

Boil approx. 1/2 cup water in kettle and pour into small bowl over one package dried porcini mushrooms until mushrooms are covered — it probably will not take all the water to cover the mushrooms.

Chop one medium-sized onion and two cloves garlic. Fry in olive oil at medium-low heat until softened. Add one 28 oz. can Roma tomatoes, drained — I recommend the Unico San Marzano style tomatoes, which have some of the taste of Italy without the additional consumption of petrochemicals associated with the importation of actual Italian tomatoes. Whether or not you drain the tomatoes is up to you but in my experience it’s really a matter of how long it takes for the liquid to boil off — and you’re about to add more liquid at the next step.

Cut 4 slices prosciutto into small pieces — supermarket brands such as President’s Choice will do fine for these purposes. Add to sauce with reconstituted mushrooms and broth. Season according to taste — we usually use oregano and/or marjoram.

Boil down sauce until enough liquid evaporates — to taste, but I generally prefer a thicker sauce. Serve over pasta of choice, topped with grated parmesan if desired.

[Note: I have never made this sauce exactly as described, because only one of us likes Porcini mushrooms enough to have them dominate the whole sauce. Though probably it would not be as dominant if I were putting the mushrooms in the whole sauce as opposed to only one serving…]