“Love potion!” M — obviously absorbing more Harry Potter than is apparent at bedtime — exclaimed when she saw the display of XOXO (warning: much mauve, much Flash) Merlot/Cab at the LCBO. “XOXO means kiss hug kiss hug!” It came with a bonus package of icky little chocolates, too, so we eventually caved in and added a bottle to our shopping cart.

Let me reproduce for your pleasure the bottle blurb:

Great relationships are all about harmony — two things coming together to create something even better.

It’s the inspiration for the special pairing of varietals in XOXO. Two classic grapes embrace in one bottle. A hug of one. A kiss of another. The result is a deliciously unique and balanced wine. (etc.)

Oh, blarfh.

It was drinkable, but just. Harsh alcohol, not much else to it. Not worth $10 or whatever the heck it cost (plus $0.20 bottle deposit).

We decided it was meant to be a Date Wine, appealing to 20-year-old straight guys looking for something slightly more romantic than Cat Pee on a Gooseberry Bush.