Mixed messages

Who to believe? Yesterday, infectious disease expert Allison McGeer of Mount Sinai Hospital told the Canadian Press she is starting to “question the delusion that this was actually going to quiet down and we weren’t going to have a first wave” of cases as weather got warmer. Today, she tells CP24 the level of flu activity is, unusually, increasing right now: “I suppose it could shut itself off at any given time. But the last couple of days look like we’re going to see a (flu) season.”

But if it’s a delusion, it’s one still firmly held by the head of the Public Health Agency David Butler-Jones, who tells Canadian Press today that “It looks at this point like we’re over the worst of it in Canada for this season.”

Also of interest in yesterday’s CP story, this assertion from an influenza expert from the University of Michigan:

“I think in addition you have far more transmission in Canada than anyone is saying — it’s not just imported cases and circles around imported cases.”

Will be interesting to see if anyone follows up on this.