We went to the opera tonight (more in another post, perhaps) and decided to stop by Monsoon for dinner beforehand. They’re an upscale fusion-inspired place at Simcoe and Adelaide, pretty close to the new COC digs. And they have a 15% discount for COC members. They’re not cheap–they have a few mains in the 20s but mostly 35-45.

I don’t know whether it’s simply a matter of a kitchen that can’t get its head together on a Tuesday, but it was disappointing. The show is at 7:30 so we made a 5:30 reservation, with the idea of having a leisurely meal. We order, appetizer shows up reasonably promptly, then a looong wait till our mains show up about 10 minutes to 7. We’re done dinner and out the door sans dessert or coffee at 7:20. The food itself is not bad, but for $40 a pop you expect something better than not bad. Not somewhere we’re heading back to any time soon, despite it been very convenient to both COC and RTH.