Timely wine advice

Usually we taste a wine, take notes, and then two months later, when there are no bottles left anywhere close to anyone, we post about it here on Mock. (Well, you get what you pay for…)

Here’s a wine that was released just yesterday, and should be readily available pretty much everywhere: Trimbach Pinot Gris Reserve 2006, AOC Alsace, at $18.95 and 13% alc/vol. We bought it for dinner yesterday kind of on a whim, but with at least a foggy (and in the event, correct) recollection that someone at WineAlign liked it. It’s a classic Alsace Pinot Gris with a kind of pear-Royal Gala apple nose, nicely enhanced with hints of minerality and lanolin on the nose and a rich, but lively food-friendly palate. Pear and Royal Gala can easily go the wrong way with me — too much of a good thing — but the minerality and acidity prevent this from becoming cloying. Well worth $19, and a good match for a dish that needs a white with some oomph to balance it.