Name & shame?

QUEEN’S PARK – Three individuals who had defaulted on their court-ordered child support payments have been found thanks to the McGuinty government’s new website, Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur announced today.
“After one week of operation, has been a huge success with over 10 million hits,” said Meilleur. “Thanks to this site, people who have failed to live up to their family responsibilities are getting the message and children are getting the support they deserve.”

Note that there’s no mention of any actual MONEY being recovered for the ever-mentioned chiiiiillldren.

Much as I think deadbeat parents should be a) ashamed and b) pursued by legal means, I’m inclined to side with the Globe’s technology guy on this one. That kind of stuff is not what a government should be doing. Sites like that remind me of the sites that people’s exes put up telling the intertubes where they live and how bad they are in bed. It’s sleazy from an ex-lover and it’s even worse from a government.