Hydro seeks rate hike citing lost revenue as consumers cut usage

The popularity of energy conservation programs is hurting Toronto Hydro’s bottom line and the utility is now seeking to raise electricity rates as a result.

Update: AND

Advisory aims to allay fluorescent bulb fears

Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority will issue a warning later this week to notify users of the unexpected way compact fluorescent light bulbs expire at the end of their long lifespan.

Ted Olechna, a provincial code engineer with the Mississauga-based authority, said he plans to post the warning on its website. The bulbs come to an end by charring around the base, producing smoke and emitting a bad smell.

That has scared some homeowners into calling fire departments, he said. But there have been no reports of fires resulting from fluorescent bulbs in Ontario, Olechna said. (emphasis added)

You can practically hear the unspoken “….yet” at the end of that…