If you *can* say something nice

It seems wrong to fulminate for two posts without posting something positive about something.

We had a great $10 wine ($9.95 with deposit) with our pizza two Sundays ago, Domaine de l’Ameillaud, VdP de Vaucluse at 13.5%. This is a southern France Vin de Pays, predominantly Grenache-based apparently. It does a convincing imitation of a $15 Chianti: raspberry, fresh sour cherry, a bit of cedar. Dry on the palate with medium acid, body, and tannin. Average balance and finish. In short, like a more interesting Farnese.

Apparently we’re not the only people who like this wine. There are only ten bottles left in Toronto Central, four of ’em at Summerhill and another two at the Chinatown location, with single bottles scattered at various other locations. Worth picking up if you happen to see one of the remaining bottles, or if they manage to bring some more in.