Pinot Gris for summer

There are still a few of these left in the system, though not as many as I thought there would be: Pierre Sparr 2004 Pinot Gris Reserve, 13%/$16.95. (Vintages April 28 release.)

I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about Pinot Gris, J. more unqualifiedly enthusiastic, so it was good to find a bottle we could enthuse about together. Big fruity citrus and stone fruit nose (back of bottle says pear, peach, and quince!) with some spiciness and minerality to keep it interesting. Dry, med+ acid and body, good balance, average+ finish. To quote the back of the bottle (which we actually sort of agree with this time), “mouth-filling flavours that finishes with fruity notes. Racy and complex, intense yet graceful.”

It seems to show best with a good chill.

Incidentally, after I bought it I glanced at a copy of NOW and noticed they liked it too. I’m not sure what that means.

Edit: also available at Vintages in a recent release, the 2004 Vineland Estates Pinot Gris ($14.95) is also quite good, though not as generous on the nose or palate as the Sparr. (Yes, it’s been a Pinot Gris weekend.)