This is from the CBC, so it’s probably not made up…

Marauding bear meets its match in woman, 87

Cecilia Smith, 87 (and deceased bear)

Concerned about the safety of herself and her property, she set a bear snare.

When she returned last week she found a 200-kilogram black bear waiting for her in the trap.

Smith, a longtime hunter of everything from beaver and coyote to moose and caribou, immediately shot the bear.

This bit reminded me rather of GH’s mum:

Catching the bear was the easy part, she said. The real problem was getting the dead bear into the truck with the help of her 81-year-old husband.

“We tied a rope on it, and I couldn’t get it out, so I went up in a tree and I hooked it around some limbs on a big spruce there, and he backed the truck right in under the tree for me, and I lowered it down in the truck,” she explained.

Apparently she doesn’t care for bear meat, so she took it to the dump.