Cheap, secure parking in central London

From the Daily Mail:

A hedge fund tycoon who ran up thousands of pounds of motoring fines abandoned his £80,000 supercar in a pound for three months – because he was too busy to collect it.

When they towed away his Maserati Cambiocorsa from a square in Knightsbridge in May, they were certain he would come forward to pay his fines and collect his car from the pound.

But he ignored all attempts by [Transport for London] to contact him and let the fines increase at the rate of £25 a day until the Evening Standard newspaper tracked him down and warned him the car was about to be auctioned.

According to the hedge fund manager, Bernard Des Pallieres:

“Some of my colleagues have teased me about the car. I can understand how people might find this quite strange but it was always my intention to pick it up. I only ever use the car in the summer and this summer I have hardly been in London.

“In my defence, I would say that parking in the TfL car pound is not that expensive relative to the cost of parking in central London.”

Why was he so busy? He was setting up the £170 million SQPR fund, which specializes “in complex investments in the debt markets.” Aren’t those the kind of investments that are now being unwound as the market for opaque investments dries up?

Good thing he’s now recovered the car — he may need it.

(H/t to Infectious Greed)