Digging himself an ever-deeper grave

John Tory now favours not just funding private religious schools teaching the Ontario curriculum, but also supports these schools’ rights to teach creationism:

Creationism raised as Ont. election issue

Globe and Mail Update

TORONTO — Publicly-funded religious schools would be allowed teach creationism and other theories alongside evolution, says Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory.

Apparently, however, this would require a rewrite to the Ontario curriculum — the same Ontario curriculum that religious schools would be rigorously held to if they take public funds:

But Education Minister Kathleen Wynne – who is running against Mr. Tory for her Toronto seat – said teaching creationism alongside evolution would be a violation of the curriculum.

She said Catholic schools are allowed to explore creationism but only in religion – not science – classes.

I’d always assumed Tory was a strategist, not an idealogue. But with public uneasiness with funding to religious schools, this is strategic how?