I hope this involves some papier mache


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Frustrated by one of the worst situations in air travel — passengers kept waiting in grounded, crowded aircraft for as much as 11 hours at a time — a consumer group is planning to stage a recreation of an extreme tarmac delay in the nation’s capital next week. p>

The expected participants, including an American Airlines pilot and a raft of congressional staff, will need patience. And a hardy stomach.

The protest’s organizers are planning to build a mock commercial aircraft that has seen its passengers’ patience and infrastructure wear thin after hours of idling. The 28-foot aircraft, really a long grey tent made to look like a plane, will be adorned by sounds of crying babies, sneezing customers and overflowing toilets.

However, it can’t be too realistic, according to Coalition for Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights organizer Kate Hanni, “who worries some congressional representatives who have promised to attend the Wednesday protest won’t stick around if the staging is too real.”

To add to the realistic atmosphere I’d recommend some overhead lights that don’t work and scratchy sound systems built in as well.