Body language

For anyone close to a TV, it’s worth tuning in for a few of the remaining moments of the State of the Union address, on now, to see the body language between Pelosi and Cheney, seated side by side. They clap at different points in the speech, and look distinctly uncomfortable when they both happen to applaud the same thing. It’s wonderful to see Democrats sitting unmoved by parts of the speech, flipping through their programs, as Republicans try to cover for it by being even more enthusiastic than usual. (To be fair, not even all of the Republicans are enthusiastic.)

Other points of note: it’s taken at least 25 minutes for him to mention September 11, surely a record; he’s much better off the prompter than he used to be, no misspeaking so far; tax deductions apparently count in someone’s mind as a health care plan.

Of course, all the best moments of discomfort will be packaged on the Daily Show and available on YouTube in a few minutes, anyway…