The real change candidate

Obama’s sweeping platitudes leaving you cold? Feeling contrary? Want to render the United States entirely unrecognizable after just four years? Think Huckabee.

There’s the truly awe-inspiring plan to dismantle the entire existing tax regime and replace it with a black-market-inducing “Fair Tax”:

Supporters of the sales tax plan are particularly drawn to the feature that calls for repealing the 16th Amendment and abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. That fits with the insurgent, populist-tinged nature of Mr. Huckabee’s campaign.

And, just yesterday — as part of a multi-day 180 degree turnaround on illegal immigration — a vow to eliminate the automatic right to citizenship for babies born on U.S. soil that is enshrined in the constitution (Canada extends the same right to babies born here):

Mike Huckabee took the immigration debate to a new level yesterday by saying he would push for a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship, which is established by the 14th Amendment. While birthright citizenship has been questioned, no other candidate has advocated its elimination.

Why leave it at the 14th and 16th Amendments? Couldn’t you just scrap them all and start from scratch?

Talk about a revolution.