A few short bits

CBC: That’s Col. Rick to you: Mercer gets a military gig

“We offered him a Sea King ride and he immediately said, ‘No.’ I thought he was scared to fly in the Sea King, but he’s been in the Sea King on numerous occasions and that’s not the case. He said, ‘No, no, I want to spend the day with the guys on the squadron, just a relaxed day, wander around, meet the guys.'”

A lovely parody of a parody by Second Life’s lawyers

“Linden Lab objects to any implication that it would employ lawyers incapable of distinguishing such obvious parody,” Yoon wrote. “Linden Lab is well-known for having strict hiring standards, including a requirement for having a sense of humour, from which our lawyers receive no exception.”

And I may be the only one, but I am fond of Terminal 2. Its gates have sent me to many warm, happy climes. I won’t go so far as to attend the wake, but it’s a cute idea.

Airport enthusiasts will be able to walk through the public areas of Terminal 2 on Sunday afternoon and attend a farewell event to mark its end, he said. A small photo display and a memory book will also be available for people to share their memories.