Deciphering the headlines

For “Indignation grows over police story” (print headline in today’s paper), read “The Globe finally got its private briefing with an anonymous Conservative official”:

A senior Conservative official says the raid on Tory party headquarters last week was “over the top,” with flak-jacket-clad RCMP officers storming in and copying everything from payroll information to the strategy for a coming election.

“What, did they expect us to shoot back?” said the official, who asked not to be named.

Monday’s Star:

Investigators lined 16 or 18 people up along a hallway, one party official said, “like we were going to shoot back? I mean they had … unfettered access to every single thing in Conservative party headquarters. They removed 17 boxes of material specific to our lawsuit, all the background stuff.”

The only thing growing is the number of media hits generated by the Conservative spin machine.