Lions, tigers, bears etc. of a more literal sort

My media scan today was full of odd and/or silly animal stories, and it seems a shame not to post them all somewhere….

Grizzly attack! Buddy climbed a tree and deployed bear mace and is fine. (Also, a big fan of bear mace.)

“I saw this immense instant attack coming at me, and I kind of exclaimed something that … probably most people would exclaim,” he added with a chuckle.

“The funny part is, I think I actually kind of jumped up with both of my feet, like in a cartoon. I mean, I was just totally just awestruck and in total panic.”

Look, a baby giraffe in Calgary:

Let this be a lesson: do not put pink dresses on your cats, or they will leave you. Kitty in pink: $1,000 reward offered for missing cat.

National G feels compelled to warn us that this video contains graphic images of echidna wangs (which are indeed deeply structurally peculiar). Warning! Warning! Echidna pr0n!

Best title of the day, although the article itself is not all that interesting: Are Pronghorns Smarter Than Classical European Royalty?