Things fall apart

Unfortunately, I can’t find the actual excerpt of Jack Granatstein’s book that Radwanski summarizes here , or I’d link to it. It certainly sounds promising:

First, if an 8.9 hurricane hits Vancouver, and terrorist cells in both Montreal and Toronto decide this is the time to strike, and one of them has “somehow secured several vials of anthrax spores” to mark the occasion, we will not be fully prepared. This will especially be the case if this happens when our troops in Afghanistan are “right in the middle” of their six months’ rotation, and all the more so if the terrorists’ deadly germs hit the Toronto subway at the precise moment that most of the city’s emergency-room physicians are aboard it en route to “an international conference at the city’s convention centre.” (You have to admit, he has a point…we would be pretty screwed.)

If this makes you want to read more bad disaster-related fiction, don’t forget about the DND novel we all chipped in to get written, Crisis in Zefra. (Hat tip to Techboy.)