From the office of the Fearless Leader

Full credit where credit is due — hackers and spammers sometimes do good work. An e-mail sent to a PMO media distribution list, purporting to come from we’re-better-off-with Harper:

from Stephen Harper to
date Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 3:34 PM
subject Why you shouldn’t fear me

Hi The Average Canadian,

Stephen Harper wanted to tell you…

My name is Stephen Harper. I am an ALBERTAN, here me roar! My goal is to make Canada America’s 51st state and destroy health care that all Canadians cherish by infusing my propaganda with hard core ad hominem attacks. Please vote for me, because if you do, I promise you’ll be able to vote for McCain 2012!

We are a tar sands level party, not a grass roots party. We consider anything with the word \”Green\” offensive, except for the almighty American dollar, which we hope to be able to implement in the coming months! We shall first have to make sure that American and Canadian jelly beans have the same standards, and then we shall proceed.

I hope everyone has a great weekend,

Take care,

Stephen \”I can lead you to Hell but not back\” Harper

If you agree click here.

The message linked to the moronic site. The answer to that question, by the way, is apparently yes.

(H/t to Inside the Queensway)