The chocolate and the cluelessness

Couple arrested for carrying raw chocolate

“We have a lot of exotic stuff,” she said.

They had also packed some raw, organic chocolate – made of unrefined, unprocessed cacao, maca root, hemp seeds and goji berries.

“At first the (customs officials) said, ‘Oh, you guys are just holistic.’ Then the dogs came.”

The animals went nuts over the chocolate. A rapid drug test was done, which returned a false positive result for hashish. (Emphasis mine)

Isn’t it completely obvious that anything with significant hemp oil content is a) going to attract the drug dogs and b) going to test positive if you test for hash?

I’m not sure who’s less clueful here, the chocolate-importing couple, the customs folks or the reporter. Are reporters so squeaky clean these days that they’re not familiar with the origin of hash? Hrmph. Bet they don’t have hip flasks either. Get offa my lawn, kid.