Beige, brown, and resistant to change

Another reason to loathe Tim Horton’s, if you needed it — it’s the one kicking up the biggest fuss about the new packaging by-laws the City of Toronto plans. Timmy Ho’s refuses to change its cup to one of the corn-based, biodegradable versions you can get at your local granola-organic coffee outlet, or, in fact, modify its waxed paper, plastic-lidded offering at all. Not that it’s just standing on the sidelines doing nothing, however. The Globe’s John Barber on the Canadian icon’s green plan:

The fact that Tim Horton’s installed its first-ever recycling facilities one day before the announcement [of the City’s packaging plan]- in a store across the street from City Hall – sheds light on the dispute. The effort is not only feeble and long overdue, it will never be adequate: Take-out cups by definition don’t return to their origin for disposal. Most go straight into the municipal waste stream, where they become a taxpayer responsibility.

Sounds like Canada.