The Rae Rehab continues

Rae Days were hated, but that doesn’t mean they were a bad idea. I thought at the time, and continue to think now, that shutting down services for a few days and having a limited number of unpaid days off in order to keep a greater people working full-time at full-time salaries is an excellent, and thoughtful, idea. Clearly, others do too:

In a move reminiscent of “Rae Days” in Ontario, Mayor Richard Daley is closing most city services for three days this year, with another three days of shutdown to come in 2009.

It seems to me that there may be an entirely new understanding — appreciation? — of Rae’s economic approach by the time of the Liberal leadership convention in May, 2009 — which may make his campaign, which seems to be behind in the leadership race so far, the one to watch.