Patronize your charming neighbourhood coffee shops while ye may

What neighbourhood is this?

The neighborhood of 35,000 or so has attracted screenwriters and composers, Web designers and animators, who labor on their laptops in cafes, discuss film projects at Friday night wine tastings, and let their children play with the handmade wooden toys in a Scandinavian-style coffee shop, Swork.

No, not Leslieville — it’s Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, where the recession is leading to rapid de-gentrification. Turns out, when 30-something creative class types aren’t getting paid, they don’t buy charming retro knicknacks either.

So with Leslieville in mind, consider the conclusion this New York Times articles draws:

In bad times, neighborhood idealism can be compromised with one trip to Wal-Mart. In terrible times, idealism goes the way of that baby boutique that just tanked.

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