I don’t mind sorting, but…

…this is a real PITA.

I count myself as one of the more anal-retentively environmentally friendly person I know. I derive secret pleasure from sorting my recyclables. I use flushable cat litter. I reuse paper towels and plastic wrap whenever I can.

And I don’t mind returning empty bottles for recycling, deposit or no deposit. When I first heard about the Bag It Back program, I thought it was an excellent idea. I have long failed in getting I. to remember to bring the LCBO 4-bottle cloth bag with him when he goes wine-shopping, and now he finally has an incentive to do it – just take the empty bottles in the bag when you go. I will lovingly pack it and locate the bag conveniently by the door so that he can’t miss it. What an efficient system!

Until I learned that they only accept returns at local Beer Stores.

We do not shop at the Beer Store. It is not located anywhere near where we do our errands. Being phobic behind the wheels, I do not own a car. I begin to have nightmares of moldy bottles taking over our apartment, while the 20 cents per bottle (The Latte Factor(C) in action) penalty slowly bankrupt us. Will we have to do monthly AutoShare runs to return the bottles? Alas, soon we will not be able to afford wine at all!

I have always disliked the LCBO for promoting inferior wines. Now I officially hate it. Let it be on the record. I HATE THE LCBO.