COC Lures Hot Shot from Paris!

This was two weeks ago, but I am still very excited that COC has appointed a new General Director, Alexander Neef. He is currently the Director of Casting at the Opera National de Paris. Sondra Radvanovsky, Adrienne Pieczonka, and now Neef. Toronto is becoming world class!

I was unfaithful…

Look, I am new to the city and I am lonely. My husband is busy day and night doing important and confidential things that he cannot talk to me about. What is a woman to do when a sweet, friendly face shows up at her door begging for affection? Yes, I have been feeding thecontinue reading

The Signal

I tried. But after 15 minutes I started yelling at my cat so I turned off the radio. Laurie Brown sounds like a high-school girl with half a brain, and the music sounds like something a high-school girl who thinks she is cool would play on her iPod. We don’t need state funding for suchcontinue reading


First impressions: I am really pissed that they cut the half-hour news. Malloch informed us that the news at 6 will be only 3 minutes from now on, but the full version is still available on Radio One. The listener will have a choice, she said, and she hopes that we will choose to listencontinue reading

Vote for the new 7 Wonders

As reported by the weekend Globe & Mail. The 21 finalists make a fascinating and multicultural list; I wish I knew more about them. Website here. We all have personal favourites that did not make it. For me, it is the Pantheon and Chartres; maybe they are not big enough?