Ian McEwan

Quite a fine interview with Ian McEwan in TNR linked below (hat tip to aldaily).  I liked this quote, which neatly summarizes his spirit of  sceptical humanism: “One passes the usual milestones in life: You have children, you find that whether you like it or not, you have a huge investment in the human project somehow succeeding.continue reading

Shout out Up

Been meaning to post this for a while… One of the projects I set for my recent vacation in England was to rewatch, with Kelly and my mother, the 7 Up documentaries, up through the most recent one, 49 Up, from 2005.  We didn’t get all the way through, so I left the set withcontinue reading

Just thought you would like to know…

Below is an actual excerpt from an actual email that I (and many, many others at my firm) got from our “help” desk people recently.  I *almost* feel sorry for them thinking of the scores of irate messages they must have received from partners with well-developed senses of entitlement… It’s very hard to believe, but presumably the peoplecontinue reading

Word of the Day – Malaccamax

I recently read an article in the Economist about the pending Panama Canal expansion. Fascinating to those who find such things fascinating — I think the containerization revolution is one of the great mostly-unknown stories of modern time. A few interesting angles I hadn’t been aware of: – Some people suggest that a more efficientcontinue reading