After they’ve seen Paree

One of the heaviest advertisers on Facebook – one of the only advertisers, as far as I can tell – is, a site which Facebook seems to have made obsolete by replacing a pay service with a more or less equivalent free one. Who are the Facebook customers which thinks it will attract?continue reading

Just thought you would like to know…

Below is an actual excerpt from an actual email that I (and many, many others at my firm) got from our “help” desk people recently.  I *almost* feel sorry for them thinking of the scores of irate messages they must have received from partners with well-developed senses of entitlement… It’s very hard to believe, but presumably the peoplecontinue reading

Well, this is neat –

My Maps app for Google Maps. Lines, map points, embedded images, shapes – it’s all there, and couldn’t be easier. Back in the day, a year and a half ago or so, you actually had to know a certain amount about Java to do this sort of thing, or at least be willing to gocontinue reading

Magnetic helmets!

Magnets may offer a way to boost mental performance, US research suggests. No, they don’t fend off aliens and the CIA. Well, perhaps they do — who knows?


"Mobile calling" ad Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. So here’s a picture of a Rogers Video calling ad which is now in the subway. There’s a picture of a smiling girl on the phone, which is being held in a man’s left hand; in the background is a slightly rumpled bed with nighttime lighting. First therecontinue reading


…is crashing on me roughly every other day. Is this consistent with others’ experience, or am I just a bad Mozilla owner? (I don’t think I’m trying to do anything especially crash-inducing)


WordPress hacked. I don’t know what version we’re running, but judging from the dates, it probably doesn’t affect us.

Thoughts on site design?

So now that everyone’s used to this site, we should think about design. I kind of randomly chose this theme (design) because hey, it was green and more-or-less friendly in IE. There are hundreds more out there, though. What do you like/dislike/want to see/etc.?

Wanted: good photo-management web site software

Having returned from vacation with a ginormous collection of beautiful photographs, I’m once again confronted by the out-of-date complex nonsense that is the photo album software on my web site, “powered by Slooze”.  (The name kinda says it all.)  The effort required to tag and resize my images, upload them to the site, and loadcontinue reading