Day 12

It’s June 2nd — not even officially summer — and we’re just 5 days short of reaching the total number of smog advisory days there were in total in 2006. Not that it’s hard to tell the air is filthy these days — the fact that the CN Tower is a vague suggestion from anywherecontinue reading

Speed kills, but no one cares

I don’t think anyone would think of me as a law and order type, but I’m increasingly convinced that we have a dangerous lack of enforcement of existing traffic laws in the city, and a disregard for the destruction big metal vehicles cause. So I am appalled that the two teenagers who were racing theircontinue reading

Delivery delays

The general idea here seems worth considering, but the hours strike me as very impractical. Fresh food gets delivered in the morning, and is it reasonable or desirable to expect everyone to be there to receive it before 7 am? The idea that 7-8 am is actually rush hour *downtown* also strikes me as hyperbolic.continue reading

Oath, smoath

So here’s a tip for civil servants running competitions to fill contract positions: don’t hire anarchists expecting they will uphold the oath of secrecy . Just a thought. (Ottawa being as small as it is, I’m guessing this is the same person.) UPDATE: Apparently, Monaghan got his contract through an HR agency and thus didn’tcontinue reading

Even “new-ish” might be a stretch

At last, a petition to save the meaning of the word “new” from being redefined by Canada’s no-longer-new government. Though I’m not optimistic about its chances of success, given that Stockwell never did get around to changing his name to Doris.

Enough already

In spite of a warning from a Facebook status message yesterday I watched Grey’s Anatomy last night, a special two-hour episode to set up a spin-off featuring Dr. Addison Montgomery moving to LA to work in a quirky medical clinic (as if there is there any other kind). I’m not sure why my Facebook friendcontinue reading

Served up on a platter

I’ve always loathed Heather Mallick, once of the Globe and Mail Focus section, now plying her wares with and the CBC online. When she was still with the Globe I would begin each weekend composing a never-written letter to the editor in my head over breakfast, often bookended with a blood-boiling stop by Crosscontinue reading

Flickering lights, freezing blasts

Today’s announcement on phasing out incandescent light bulbs by 2012 is supposed to be good news. But once again, today’s announcement overlooks one of the biggest and fastest-growing causes of peak demand during our not-all-that-hot, not-all-that-long summers: air conditioning. More homes in Ontario have air conditioning than anywhere else in the country — although thecontinue reading


Offensive former Green Party candidate spews venom as he’s kicked to the curb: [Potvin] added Sunday that if the Greens think getting rid of a candidate will squelch a controversy, then they don’t know what national politics is like. Hmmm. Let’s think of some recent occasions where political parties have dismissed candidates, shall we? Reachingcontinue reading

Forget about toppled toddlers

…it’s their parents we should be worried about: The young man had been wheeled into Najma Ahmed’s emergency room with a bloody, penetrating wound to the chest. Whatever was inside had pierced his left lung dangerously close to the heart. His sternum was also fractured. “It looked like a bullet wound,” said Dr. Ahmed, assistantcontinue reading