Huts and headscarves

Interesting discussion on site about the soccer headscarf incident. I believe Lawgeek walked through the Sukkot case during a dinner once. You can find it here.

Sympathy for the…

I’ve been following the bank fees issue with some interest. First, because the NDP caucus dug up an easily understood, populist issue for once, only to see it fall flat thanks its semi-articulate leader. Then, because the Canadian Bankers Association‘s defence of the fees for electronic banking is so embarrassingly thin. There’s competition in thecontinue reading

The fall of old cinemas

…literally. Apparently, the marquee of the shuttered Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles collapsed under the weight of snow. More in this Torontoist posting.

A Renaissance Romance

This Valentine’s Day story will be of particularly interest to a couple of Mock Turtlers: I didn’t have to look too far, though, and what I found was a story that spanned generations and included an unlikely saviour, an opposites-attract symbiosis, and an embrace that dominates one of the city’s most prominent intersections.

Sometimes, -15 is just -15

I’ve always hated the “wind chill” temperatures that are tossed around, almost as much as their humidex counterparts. They render meaningless actual temperature readings: sure, it feels different to be in a humid client vs. a dry climate, and yes, wind make a difference to how you experience any given temperature. But so do thecontinue reading

Unnecessary Headline Week Begins!

And once again kicks it off: Bobby Orr’s father Douglas dies at age 82 I searched for the significance of this, but it’s just what it says: an old man died, and his son is Bobby Orr. Still, it’s almost as newsworthy as the story that leads the Canada section this morning: Vancouver 2010continue reading

Thoughtless Headline Week Continues!

Baird ready to shut windows on greenhouse: OK, thoughtless might be a bit harsh. However, it’s one of those classic cases where the headline sounds clever, but misunderstands something it’s trying to make light of — in this case, the greenhouse effect. Because wouldn’t Baird be opening the windows of the greenhouse… so wecontinue reading

Kicking off Thoughtless Headline Week

Some slow to comply with bottle deposit program  A day after the province launched its new LCBO bottle recycling program, it appears some homeowners are slow to adjust to the initiative.  Hmmm… one day… slow to adjust? These aren’t even bottles that a deposit has been paid on, unless these households have a verycontinue reading

You can run, but you can’t hide

Suburban couple wastes some energy by pre-heating car in driveway, oddly leaving toddler strapped in car seat in not-yet-toasty minivan: She was gone a mere 10 seconds, she says, but when she stepped outside the van was backing out of the driveway, with her blond, blue-eyed toddler inside. (All the more poignant somehow when it’scontinue reading